Press release: CLCV announces scores for state delegation from LCV's 2012 National Environmental Scorecard


Wednesday, February 20, 2013
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California League of Conservation Voters Announces Delegation Scores from LCV’s 2012 National Environmental Scorecard

**Full Scorecard available here**

Oakland, CA – The California League of Conservation Voters today unveiled scores for the California delegation released this morning as part of the national League of Conservation Voters 2012National Environmental Scorecard. The Scorecard reflects the U.S. Senate’s work in defending against the U.S. House of Representatives’ unprecedented assault on our nation’s environmental and public health safeguards during the second session of the 112th Congress, a time when extreme weather events fueled by climate change were becoming all too common across the country.

“In the face of unprecedented attacks from corporate polluters and their allies in Congress, environmental allies like Senators Boxer and Feinstein stood up for our values and put  Californians first,” said CLCV CEO Sarah Rose. “While Americans were seeing the historic impacts of extreme weather right outside their window, members like McCarthy and Rohrabacher continued to put the needs of special interests first.”

The 2012 Scorecard includes 14 Senate votes and, for the second consecutive year, a record 35 House votes, on issues ranging from public health protections to clean energy to land and wildlife conservation.  These votes came at a time when much of the country experienced extreme weather fueled by climate change, including heat waves, severe drought and the devastating impacts of Hurricane Sandy. Fortunately, President Obama has defended against many of the House’s attacks and worked to make progress on critical issues like climate change through administrative action.

In California, 18 House members and both Senators earned a score of 90 percent or greater on the 2012 Scorecard, while 14 House members earned an abysmal score of 10 percent or less. The average House score in 2012 for California was 58 percent and the average Senate score was 100 percent.

 “The U.S. House of Representatives sided with Big Oil and corporate polluters time and time again in 2012, cementing its status as themost anti-environmental House in our nation’s history,” said LCV President Gene Karpinski. “The best that can be said about this session of the 112th Congress is that it’s over.”


Boxer 100%
Feinstein 100%


CD 1 Thompson, M. 97%
CD 2 Herger 9%
CD 3 Lungren 6%
CD 4 McClintock 11%
CD 5 Matsui 94%
CD 6 Woolsey 100%
CD 7 Miller, George 89%
CD 8 Pelosi 94%
CD 9 Lee, B. 91%
CD 10 Garamendi 83%
CD 11 McNerney 91%
CD 12 Speier 77%
CD 13 Stark 100%
CD 14 Eshoo 91%
CD 15 Honda 100%
CD 16 Lofgren 91%
CD 17 Farr 94%
CD 18 Cardoza 43%
CD 19 Denham 11%
CD 20 Costa 40%
CD 21 Nunes 6%
CD 22 McCarthy, K. 6%
CD 23 Capps 100%
CD 24 Gallegly 3%
CD 25 McKeon 3%
CD 26 Dreier 6%
CD 27 Sherman 97%
CD 28 Berman 80%
CD 29 Schiff 97%
CD 30 Waxman 97%
CD 31 Becerra 94%
CD 32 Chu 97%
CD 33 Bass, K. 83%
CD 34 Roybal-Allard 97%
CD 35 Waters 83%
CD 36 Hahn 86%
CD 37 Richardson 89%
CD 38 Napolitano 80%
CD 39 Sanchez, Linda 77%
CD 40 Royce 14%
CD 41 Lewis, J. 6%
CD 42 Miller, Gary 6%
CD 43 Baca 69%
CD 44 Calvert 3%
CD 45 Bono Mack 9%
CD 46 Rohrabacher 6%
CD 47 Sanchez, Loretta 80%
CD 48 Campbell 11%
CD 49 Issa 6%
CD 50 Bilbray 26%
CD 51 Filner 40%
CD 52 Hunter 3%
CD 53 Davis, S. 94%


For over 40 years, the National Environmental Scorecard issued by LCV has been the nationally accepted yardstick used to rate members of Congress on environmental, public health, and energy issues. LCV has released a new interactive National Environmental Scorecard this year, which allows users to easily see how every member of Congress voted since the launch of LCV’s first Scorecard in 1971. It can be found online at



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