CLCV's official endorsements for the June 5th, 2018 Primary Election

Jun 4, 2018
By Andy Kelley

Trying to figure out how to vote in Tuesday's election? We’ve got you covered!

Each election the CLCV team carefully reviews the propositions on the ballot, analyzes their environmental impacts, and makes recommendations on how our members can vote.

With the June 5th election tomorrow we wanted to make sure to share CLCV’s endorsements with you one more time -- and remind you to mail in your vote by mail ballot. A new state law allows vote by mail ballots to be counted even if they are mailed on Election Day (as long as they are postmarked by Election Day and received within 3 days!)

Statewide Propositions

Prop 68 – Vote YES to fund our parks! This measure, which CLCV members helped put on the ballot, would provide $2.83 billion for our state and neighborhood parks. While Donald Trump is working to strip funding and protections from our public lands, it’s up to us here in California to make sure our local parks have the resources they need to thrive. Vote YES!

Prop 70 – Vote NO! Prop 70 is a political power grab to hold hostage crucial funds designed to combat climate change. It would create an unnecessary supermajority requirement that corporate polluters could use to delay crucial projects to improve air quality and the health of our communities. Vote NO!

Prop 71 – Vote YES! This is a minor administrative change to provide consistency in when newly passed ballot measures become law. Vote YES!

Prop 72 – Vote YES! This measure would help homeowners afford to install rainwater capture and reuse systems by excluding them from increased property tax assessments. Vote YES!

Statewide Candidates

Lieutenant Governor - Eleni Kounalakis
As Ambassador to Hungary, Eleni pushed them to becoming the first signers of the Paris Climate Accords. Now, Eleni is making addressing climate change and protecting the environment a centerfold of her campaign, including her pledge to oppose offshore oil drilling on State Lands’ Commission. Check out her featured TV ad here (along with CLCV’s endorsement.)

Superintendent of Public Instruction - Tony Thurmond
As an Assembly Member he has earned a 100% Lifetime score from CLCV. Thurmond passed and supported key legislation to punish polluters to help keep neighborhoods safe arguing that illness was one of the top reasons that teachers couldn’t effectively teach and students couldn’t successfully learn. Thurmond wants to continue these efforts and work to increase environmental education and the value of civics.

Insurance Commissioner - Ricardo Lara
In his time in the State Senator Lara earned a 90% CLCV lifetime score. He supported key climate and clean energy bills, authored legislation to tackle the most harmful air pollutants, and supported increased funding from cap and trade being spent to improve air quality in California’s most impacted communities. As Insurance Commissioner Lara plans to prioritize work on how climate and will impact on the cost of insurance.

Treasurer - Fiona Ma
During her time in the Assembly Ma earned a CLCV lifetime score of 92%. Ma authored key environmental legislation including a ban on harmful phthalates in toys and increased adoption of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. As Treasurer Ma will support transit-oriented development and renewable energy project financing. She is also interested in moving investments for CalSPERs and CalSTERs out of polluting industries.

Secretary of State - Alex Padilla
During his time in the State Senate Padilla earned a 93% lifetime score from CLCV. In his capacity as Secretary of State, Padilla has worked to increase voter participation, civic engagement and increase campaign finance transparency. Notably Padilla joined CLCV to support passage of the California DISCLOSE Act last year to provide clearer disclosure on who is funding ballot measures and independent expenditures and make it more difficult for corporate polluters to hide their expenditures.

Controller - Betty Yee
In her capacity as Controller, Betty Yee has worked to elevate climate policy in a number of areas including enhancing the stewardship of state lands and waterways by incorporating sea-level rise and energy intensity considerations; protecting and building on environmental standards that exceed federal standards; and ensuring environmental equity across all communities by including the participation of underserved communities in planning and policy development.

Click here to see CLCV's complete list of endorsements, including our recommendations for Congress, State Senate, and Assembly.

Thank you for being a member of CLCV and for your commitment to protecting our environment. The most important thing you can do is vote, but you can amplify your impact by sharing this message with your friends.



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