Do frack it? Don't frack it? It's your call.

Apr 17, 2014
By Jenesse Miller

It's your call.

Yes, literally, it's your phone call that could make a difference in the fight to stop risky fracking in our state.

From April 10 - 20, state legislators are at home in your district during the spring legislative recess. For ten straight days they're at home, talking to constituents like you about the issues that matter most. It's an important opportunity to get their attention on fracking. They need to hear from you that it's time for a time-out. Will you make the call?

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The fracking moratorium bill, SB 1132, would implement a time-out on a risky, environmentally destructive oil and gas drilling practice known as fracking. It would place a moratorium on all extreme well stimulation techniques like fracking and acidizing until a comprehensive, independent review exploring the risks to our environment, public health and public safety is complete.

With one phone call, you can help pass this important legislation to stop fracking California.

When you use our click-to-call tool, you'll be instantly connected to your State Senator's district office. A phone call is the most effective way to let your elected officials know you want fracking to stop now. The next important committee hearing is on April 30th, so the time is now to make sure your representative knows you support the fracking moratorium.

The moratorium bill recently passed out of its first critical committee with five votes; that's the bare minimum number of votes to pass. We're thrilled that the proposal to stop fracking has gotten this far – in spite of fierce opposition from Big Oil – but it's going to take everything we've got to get it over the next hurdle.

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The fracking moratorium has broad support from the environmental, public health, and social justice communities. At the recent April 8 hearing, those who testified in support included students, nurses, geologists, parents, public health scientists, and (of course) environmentalists.

Opponents of the moratorium are few, but very powerful. They include Big Oil's big money lobbyist, the Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA). WSPA spent over $4.67 million –more than any other interest group – lobbying state government in 2013, including their over-the-top lobbying efforts to kill previous bills to stop fracking. They'll be at it again, and while we can't outspend them, we're confident we can out-organize them. But we need your phone call to do it.

Click here to call your elected representative. Tell them to stand up to Big Oil and support the moratorium on fracking!

An investigation recently revealed that oil companies have been "quietly" fracking offshore in state and federal waters without the knowledge of state regulators. It's also no secret that Big Oil is revving up for a fracking boom in California, using new and potentially more dangerous techniques.

It almost goes without saying that any oil drilling practice that feeds our addiction to dirty fossil fuels and contributes to climate change is inherently bad. But fracking also poses a serious threat to California's water supply and quality during a historic drought. Fracking's intensive reliance on water competes directly with the needs of 38 million Californians and the largest agricultural industry in the United States. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, fracking in shale formations could require from 2 to 13 million gallons of water per well.

And if risks to sensitive habitats and our dwindling water supplies weren't frightening enough, fracking is happening in densely populated areas. The moratorium bill's author Senator Holly Mitchell points out that there are a million Los Angeles residents who live within a 5-mile radius of the largest urban oil field in the country. Vulnerable neighborhoods lie adjacent to drilling operations, whose practices go largely unregulated.

Please join us in supporting a moratorium on fracking. Click to connect to your State Senator now.

Thank you for adding your voice to this important fight to protect our environment and our families.



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