Inaction On Climate Change May Cost Us Dearly

Jul 29, 2010
By David Allgood


Yesterday, a report was released jointly by the US  National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and Britain’s National Weather Service  with stark facts about the planet’s climate. The report states unequivocally that our climate is warming , that 2010 is the hottest year yet measured and that the decade of the 2000’s is the hottest decade measured. The report reminds us that the decade of the 90’s was the previous record holder. Hope you’re seeing the trend here.

Yesterday also featured a news story about a new study showing that the oceans population of phytoplankton is steadily shrinking due to the warming of the planet. Two impacts are noted in the report, one is that phytoplankton are the foundation of the ocean’s food chain and the other, perhaps most importantly, that phytoplankton are the source of half of the earth’s oxygen. Oxygen is, of course, the life sustaining portion of the air we breathe. Earlier in the week, a report was released showing 70% of America’s counties face climate change driven water shortages, with California facing critical shortages in the near future.

Against this background, the irrational, partisan obstruction of Republican Senators joined by coal state Democrats blocked meaningful climate legislation in the Congress. Their inaction, in addition to being incomprehensible and dangerous, represents a complete failure to rise above their ideology, and their obeisance to energy industry contributors borders on criminal.

Here in California we have a candidate running for the United States Senate, Carly Fiorina, who in addition to her other manifold other flaws, disparages Senator Barbara Boxer’s leadership on climate change as “talking about the weather” while taking money from out-of-state coal companies and outspoken climate change deniers. Moreover, the industries that have profited handsomely from heating our planet, fouling our oceans and poisoning our air are prepared to spend anything it takes to undo California’s nation leading climate change law with the oil company financed Prop. 23.

If citizens do not pay attention, if citizens do not vote, we stand to lose more than the next election! Here’s a a good place to start: Get involved with the campaign to defeat Prop 23.




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