Prop 32 is Not What It Seems

Sep 20, 2012
By Mark Gaffney

The NO on Prop 32 campaign just released its first TV ad of the campaign, highlighting the fact that the same powerful corporate special interests that are funding Proposition 32 are exempt from its carefully-crafted provisions.


Prop 32 is just not what it seems. Prop 32 claims it will stop campaign spending by special interests, but it exempts those who are funding the "Yes on 32" campaign. Those special interests will have free rein to give themselves more tax breaks, while the middle class pays the price.

And on September 14th, a major Super PAC with connections to the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove launched a $4 million campaign for Yes on Prop 32. That means the initiative claiming to “stop special interest money” draws its largest source of funding from a secretive front group that refuses to disclose its donors.

The NO on Prop 32 ad lets Californians know about the special exemptions that Prop 32 would leave for Super PACs, insurance companies, hedge funds and more. Newspaper editorials and columnists have said that Prop 32 is a "fraud to end all frauds," "deceptive," "a sham," and "phony."

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