Save the Elephants: Support AB 96 (Atkins)

Jan 28, 2015
By Jena Price

Human beings are the number one threat to elephants, and poachers continue to kill tens of thousands of elephants for their ivory every year.

Californians can help save the elephants by banning the ivory trade in our state. Take action now: Tell lawmakers to pass AB 96 and help bring an end to the cruel practice of elephant poaching.

Take action at:

Under the Endangered Species Act, African elephants are a threatened species (likely to become endangered) and some scientists predict that African forest elephants could be extinct within the decade.

Poachers hunt down and gruesomely slaughter elephants for their ivory with astounding disregard for the laws meant to protect them, let alone the horror and suffering they inflict on the animals. The poachers then sell the ivory to traders, and traders move this ivory through illegal deals that lead to store shelves right here in California.

Closing off the California market will reduce the value of illegal ivory, and passing AB 96 will do just that. Save the elephants: Tell California lawmakers to pass AB 96 and ban the ivory trade now!

Passing AB 96 would finally end the ivory trade in California by closing the loopholes that have allowed illegal ivory sales to thrive here. A recent report by the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) revealed that the vast majority of ivory sold in Los Angeles and San Francisco is likely illegal under California law.

California Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins and principal co-author Senator Ricardo Lara chose the number for this bill, AB 96, to serve as a reminder that an average of 96 African elephants are being slaughtered for their ivory every single day. Lawmakers can support AB 96 and finally put a stop to the illegal ivory trade in California, but they need to hear from voters like you: Take action now!

Thank you for speaking out today and for doing your part to help end elephant poaching.



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