Trump seeks to open California Coast to dangerous offshore oil drilling

Mar 7, 2018
By Andy Kelley

We're sounding the alarm: President Trump has put the fate of our nation's most pristine coastlines in serious danger.

Last month, the administration unveiled a truly breathtaking plan that would open ALL of our coasts -- including here in California -- to extremely risky offshore oil drilling. California depends on a clean and healthy coastline for our economy, our public health, and our environment. Now is the time to act.

Submit your Public Comment opposing Trump's reckless expansion of offshore oil drilling before Friday's deadline!

For years, we have fought (and won!) against attempts to drill in our oceans because we know how devastating drilling, even without a disastrous spill, can be. The Trump administration can't just approve offshore drilling overnight. they have to go through a public comment period to get feedback from the people -- we must speak out before the March 9th deadline.

California's coast is not for sale. Submit your Public Comment now: DEADLINE March 9th! »

There's no sugarcoating it: One oil spill along our coast could wipe out livelihoods and critical natural resources for generations -- something we Californians know all too well. To make matters worse, the Trump administration is simultaneously moving to gut commonsense offshore drilling safety standards that were put in place to protect workers after the wake of the Deepwater Horizon tragedy. Not only does Trump want to increase dangerous offshore oil drilling, he wants to gut existing safeguards. This is beyond reckless!

Challenged by sea level rise and erosion, our coastal communities are already on the front lines of climate change. Intensifying coastal drilling is out of step with California's transition to clean energy and leadership on climate change. Opening our waters to offshore drilling prioritizes polluters' profits at the expense of vital ecosystems and puts the health and well being of our communities at risk.

While the rest of the world moves toward a clean energy future, Trump is determined to keep our country locked in the past. We won't let him. We've won this fight before and we can do it again, but only if we act quickly. The comment period will only be open for a few more days. That’s why we’re working with our partners to collect 30,000 comments by March 9th - together we can show Trump and Zinke that the public is not behind them.

California's beaches and oceans are under threat and need us now. Submit a public comment TODAY and help protect the Pacific from offshore drilling! »

Donald Trump and Big Oil cannot be trusted with our oceans. It simply isn't fair to put local economies, coastal communities, and the environment under constant threat simply to turn a profit for corporate polluters. For the sake of all the living things that depend on clean and healthy waters, the risks of offshore drilling are beyond unacceptable.



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