Update: thousands of CLCV members call for an Exxon investigation

Dec 17, 2015
By Jason Gohlke

Last month, we called for an investigation into what ExxonMobil knew about climate change as far back as the late 1970s. In response, nearly 9,000 CLCV supporters sent a message to California Attorney General Kamala Harris urging her to investigate what ExxonMobil (then just Exxon) knew about what they were doing to perpetuate global warming caused by human activity. Read more about it and send a message today!

Her office couldn't yet confirm they've initiated anything; in the interim, however, InsideClimateNews, who initially broke the story, published a piece highlighting some of the responses by CLCV's members in California. Here are just a few:

"This should be considered the crime of the millennium. It is so egregious, so giant in its scope, literally dealing with the entire planet and all life that it contains, that it is hard to comprehend."

–Julian Fort, Sherman Oaks

"I hope Exxon is prosecuted, and its CEOs, managers and paid PR firms who were aware of the research will be criminally prosecuted as well—for putting life on the planet at risk of extinction so as to acquire financial wealth for themselves. If possible put a lien on, then confiscate, all assets of these individuals and their heirs. No benefit should remain for the greed, and no concern is deserved for those who would risk killing our future."

–Rudy Sovinee, Escondido

"I've learned that intentional lying is often business strategy. Lying to the world populace about your product causing global climate change is about as big a lie as can be conceived. The punishment for such a campaign of deliberate corporate deception should be painful indeed."

–Ken L. Klaser, Los Angeles

"Attorney General Harris, please do everything you can to make sure the guilty are made to answer for these crimes, to make sure others know they cannot get away with this, and to tell our descendants we did everything we could to protect them and their world."

–Robert West, Los Angeles

"Kamala, I have a two-year-old grandson with my second grandchild on the way. I almost told my daughter to not have children because they would be facing a steadily deteriorating world because of the actions of companies such as ExxonMobil. These companies must be held accountable for their misdeeds. Please continue to do everything in your power to reverse this devastation."

–Glenda Poliner, San Diego

Read more at InsideClimateNews and take action today at ecovote.org/ExxonKnew.




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