Green Leadership Circle


Green Leadership Circle logoThe Green Leadership Circle recognizes those who have made an annual commitment of $1,500 or more (or ongoing, sustaining donors who contribute the equivalent of a monthly gift of $100 or more) in support of our mission to elect environmental champions and hold them accountable once elected. The Circle also provides a platform through which you can connect and network with other environmental advocates.

As a member of this distinguished group, you will enjoy exclusive benefits, including invitations to CLCV’s special engagements, including the Annual Northern and Southern California Galas, the environmental networking events of the year where hundreds of our partners in state politics, labor, business, and the environmental community convene to celebrate exemplary environmental leaders.

Members are also invited to Green Leadership Forums, intimate gatherings designed to connect members with community leaders, policy makers, elected officials and candidates for office. These events are an exclusive opportunity to discuss environmental priorities and current issues.

CLCV is committed to working with you in pursuit of a bold, vibrant future for California which includes green jobs, clean energy investments, thriving natural spaces, and healthier communities and families. Our ability to do this is in your hands; we hope you’ll join us.

For more information or to join the Green Leadership Circle, please contact CLCV Development Director Nicole Roberts at (323) 939-6790, ext. 408, or

CLCV thanks its current Green Leadership Circle Members for their leadership level donations, which play a critical role in helping us to achieve our mission to elect enironmental leaders to public office and then hold them accountable.

California Labor Federation | Clean Energy | Environmental Defense Fund | Maureen Grace | Nicholas Josefowitz | League of Conservation Voters | NextGen Climate | State Building and Construction Trades Council of California AFL-CIO

STEWARD: ARCADIS US, Inc. | Californians for Clean Energy and Jobs | Glen Dake | Alan S. Davis | Gerald B. Huff | The Dirk & Charlene Kabcenell Foundation | Janet M. Lafler | Suki Munsell | The Nature Conservancy | Andrew Okun and Julia Blanchard | Clint Reilly | Wendy-Sue Rosen | Rebecca J. Rubin | Sam Schuchat and Ilana DeBare

PARTNER: 8minutenergy Renewables LLC | Adams Broadwell Joseph & Cardozo | Apple Inc | Armbruster Goldsmith & Delvac LLP | AT&T | Hester L. Bell | California State Parks Foundation | Yvon V. Chouinard | Cox, Castle & Nicholson LLP | Peter Delacorte | Margaret I. Fitzsimmons | Karen F. Grove | Susan Hagemeister | Loren L. Hart | John C. Haskins | Victoria B. Henley | Ben G. Lunsky | Donald J. Mastronarde | Linda Nicholes | NRG Energy Inc. | Daniel J. Ponti | The Honorable Anthony Rendon | SA Recycling | Timothy Saxe | Carla J. Tomaso and Mary J. Hayden

FRIEND: Patricia H. Addleman | Janet W. Allen | James D. Blanchard | Faye S. Brophy | Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck | Erika Brunson | California Nurses Association | Ms. Virginia L. Carder | Alexis M. Colker | Brigitte Collazo | Nancy L. Cooper | Cotchett, Pitre and McCarthy LLP | Egoscue Law Group | Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates | Carol M. Fields | Laura E. Fox | Charles D. Goodman | Patricia P. Hedden | Jennifer Hernandez and Michael Hingerty | Charles B. Johnson | Fred M. Kaplan | Robert F. Kotmel | Donald E. Lafler | Robert P. Lawrence | Carol S. Littleton | Sheila A. Malone | Mark S. Manasse | Wendy L. Mitchell | Cathy A. Morris | Richard D. Morrison | Jay Morse | Hector F. Myers | H. David and Gina Nahai | Natural Resources Defense Council | Mary O’Drain | Brian L. Olson | Tim S. Payer | David M. Perry | – Vote Yes | Judy B. Pugh | Erin P. Quigley | Renew Financial | Fran and Roger Diamond | Cynthia W. Ruby | Southwest Strategies LLC | Nancy Stephens and Rick Rosenthal | Michael J. Stewart | SunPower Corp. | Terris, Barnes and Walters | The Trust for Public Land | Deborah E. Udin | Jeffrey R. Urnes | VantagePoint Capital Partners | Howard S. Welinsky and Karren Gantswig | Rick Zbur

SUPPORTER: Mitchell E. Abbott | Diane V. Allen | Sara Barth and Erich Pfuehler | The Better World Group, Inc. | Jonathan J. Blair | Kathleen E. Bliss | Mary E. Brunkhorst | Nancy Bucciarelli | Peter K. Buckley | Clydene R. Bultman | The Honorable Betsy V. Butler | Tara C. Candoli | Josephine F. Cooley | Robert C. Crizer | Robert C. Demattei | The Honorable Mark J. DeSaulnier | Margery B. Donahue | Susan K. Faris | Kristina Flanagan | Susan M. Ford | Full Court Press | Alison F. Geballe | Madelyn J. Glickfeld | Victoria L. Godfrey | Carl Guardino | Brian K. Harlan | Beverly J. Haynes | Connor C. Hill | Judith A. Hughes | Jack C. Huneke | John D. Hunter | Stan L. Iezman | Michelle T. Inama | The Honorable Hannah-Beth Jackson | Kirsten L. Johansen | Charles A. Jonas | Beth R. Y. Kientzle | Charles K. Kolstad | Leonard F. Lattanzi | James M. Leak | Hazel L. Lewis | Ira S. Lifland | Peggy S. Lipper | Steve and Michelle MacFadyen | Susan McCabe | Julia B. McKinney | The Honorable Holly J. Mitchell | Chris D. Neal | Ann Notthoff and Dwight Holing | Lewis B. Perry Jr. | Judy A. Potter | Dan Quinn | Rebecca A. Riley | Edward B. Roberts | Deborah S. Rose | Andrea N. Schaffer | Kathy M. Schwarz | SG&A Campaigns | Michael and Sheila Lagios | Jacqueline M. Simons | Howard M. Slyter Jr | Lannie M. Spencer | Mark M. Squire | Stella G. Taylor | Sally L. Tischler Newson | Lisa M. Toensfeldt | Ann Tozier | Joshua T. Trachtenberg and Audrey Prin | Bryan M. Tracy | Dana E. Vandermey | James R. Von Behren | Robert M. Ward Sr. | Wilma and Bryce Wheeler | Donald H. Whitebread | Alexandra Wiesenfeld | Paula G. Wilcox


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2016 California Environmental Scorecard

New for the 2016 legislative session: The 43rd annual California Environmental Scorecard rates elected officials on 2016, another successful year for the environment in spite of heavy opposition from polluting industry.

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