Budget deal undermines voters on climate change

Jun 11, 2013

Statement on the State Budget Deal: By CLCV CEO Sarah Rose

California voters expect our leaders to make timely investments in activities that fight climate change, create jobs, and improve the environment and public health. Each time the question of whether our state should invest in climate change solutions and a clean energy economy is put to a vote of the people, including Proposition 39, they overwhelmingly vote “yes.” And yet today, our elected leaders have delayed the investment in the future that Californians have said they want. This is a particular insult to voters that the Governor used the passage of Prop 39 last November – which should have made our efforts to fight climate change more robust – as an excuse to borrow the revenue. Read More >

Governor Brown's Proposed Loan Has Environmentalists Seeing Red

May 24, 2013

California Governor Jerry Brown earned CLCV's endorsement when he ran for governor (again) in 2010, and he's earned decent scores on our annual California Environmental Scorecard since then. He's been a champion for California's pioneering climate change solutions; in fact, he spoke to a group of scientists this week, warning "it's over" in five years, unless we do more to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions that are cooking the planet. But lately, environmentalists are "seeing red" over Brown's proposal to borrow $500 million from the state's cap-and-trade revenues. Read More >

SoCal Election Results: Garcetti and Gonzalez Win

May 22, 2013

Yesterday was Election Day in areas across California; once again demonstrating their commitment to building a better environmental future, voters elected candidates dedicated to renewable energy, clean air, and clean water.   Read More >

S.E.C. Considering New Disclosure Rule

Apr 24, 2013

According to an article in today's New York Times, the "Securities and Exchange Commission has been flooded with calls to require publicly traded corporations to disclose to shareholders all of their political donations." Read More >

California Chief Fiscal Officer: Protecting the Environment Makes Cents

Dec 4, 2012

With a dedication that may not immediately be associated with his job description as the state's chief fiscal officer, Controller John Chiang has been a leader in the fight to safeguard California’s environment. Read More >

Thank you, California

Nov 7, 2012

Thank you for voting. Thank you for talking to your friends and family about difficult, important issues. Thank you for listening to candidates and asking tough questions, and thank you for using your resources to support environmental protection.

And, most of all, thank you for taking part in another election with important victories for the environment in our great state of California. Read More >

CLCV 2012 Scorecard Reveals Champions and Foes of Environmental Progress

Oct 31, 2012

Today CLCV released its annual California Environmental Scorecard, just days before the November 2012 General Election. The record of the votes (available at www.ecovote.org/scorecard/) reveals how members of the state legislature and Governor Jerry Brown performed on the most important environmental and public health bills in the 2012 legislative session. Read More >

YES on 39: Close the Loophole, Invest in Clean Energy

Oct 30, 2012

Would you like to see a billion dollars of revenue restored to the state of California while 70,000 clean energy jobs are created? Vote YES on Proposition 39! Read More >

Prop 32 is Yet Another Koch-Funded Fraud

Oct 19, 2012

This week the staff of CLCV was proud to join many of our allies in the environmental and labor movements, as well as state Senator Mark Leno, at an event where we declared our collective opposition to Proposition 32 on California's November 2012 ballot. Read More >

CLCV Supporter Asks Chevron, Gets Reply (but no answer)

Oct 18, 2012

It's tough to get through to huge corporations like Chevron, but CLCV supporter Auros Harman from San Mateo decided to speak up anyway – and Chevron actually replied. Read More >


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