CLCV Releases 2013 Environmental Scorecard

Oct 30, 2013

Today CLCV released our annual California Environmental Scorecard, revealing how members of the state legislature and Governor Jerry Brown performed on the most important environmental and public health bills in the 2013 legislative session. Did your elected officials stand up for the environment in 2013? Read More >

California's already fracked.

Aug 27, 2013

California is already fracked. We demand answers.

Read More >

Calling out Climate Deniers

Aug 12, 2013

On August 13, we've got a little welcome home present for some of California's most extreme climate change deniers in Congress.

It's an award for California Congressmen Darrell Issa and Dana Rohrabacher for denying climate change science. I'm probably giving too much away, but I'll just say the physical award involves a mythical creature that most of us know does not exist.

It's an award that you or I would be embarrassed to receive. But you and I are interested in protecting future generations from the effects of climate change. Read More >

Why it Matters that 2020 is Almost Here

Jun 28, 2013

CLCV Chief Executive Officer Sarah Rose addresses the attendees of the June 27 CLCV Environmental Leadership Awards in San Francisco:

As this is June and the end of the school year for most students, I was proud to attend the promotion ceremony for my oldest daughter from elementary school. Next year she enters middle school, and then a few more years and she’ll be off to high school as a member of the graduating class of 2020.  Read More >

Statement from CLCV CEO Sarah Rose on President Obama's climate policy announcement

Jun 25, 2013

Like many Californians, I watched President Obama’s announcement of a comprehensive plan to fight climate change with a great deal of pride in his leadership and in our state for leading the way on climate solutions. President Obama’s plan begins to meet our moral obligation to protect future generations from climate change. The President’s decision to take action to cut carbon pollution from power plants is particularly important and is inspired in part by California’s landmark Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32). Read More >

Budget deal undermines voters on climate change

Jun 11, 2013

Statement on the State Budget Deal: By CLCV CEO Sarah Rose

California voters expect our leaders to make timely investments in activities that fight climate change, create jobs, and improve the environment and public health. Each time the question of whether our state should invest in climate change solutions and a clean energy economy is put to a vote of the people, including Proposition 39, they overwhelmingly vote “yes.” And yet today, our elected leaders have delayed the investment in the future that Californians have said they want. This is a particular insult to voters that the Governor used the passage of Prop 39 last November – which should have made our efforts to fight climate change more robust – as an excuse to borrow the revenue. Read More >

Governor Brown's Proposed Loan Has Environmentalists Seeing Red

May 24, 2013

California Governor Jerry Brown earned CLCV's endorsement when he ran for governor (again) in 2010, and he's earned decent scores on our annual California Environmental Scorecard since then. He's been a champion for California's pioneering climate change solutions; in fact, he spoke to a group of scientists this week, warning "it's over" in five years, unless we do more to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions that are cooking the planet. But lately, environmentalists are "seeing red" over Brown's proposal to borrow $500 million from the state's cap-and-trade revenues. Read More >

2/17: Forward On Climate Solidarity Rallies in California

Feb 8, 2013

Sometimes traveling all the way to D.C. just isn't in the cards -- join us in California! Read More >

Koch brothers: More shady business

Jan 29, 2013

Guess who's funding the anti-science campaign undermining efforts to take on climate change. Read More >

Thank you, California

Nov 7, 2012

Thank you for voting. Thank you for talking to your friends and family about difficult, important issues. Thank you for listening to candidates and asking tough questions, and thank you for using your resources to support environmental protection.

And, most of all, thank you for taking part in another election with important victories for the environment in our great state of California. Read More >


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2018 California Environmental Scorecard

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