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Victory: California enacts historic climate legislation

Aug 25, 2016

Great news! While gridlock in Congress prevents meaningful action on climate change, the California Assembly just voted to pass SB 32 and a companion bill, AB 197, opening a new chapter in California’s bold commitment to reduce climate pollution. These historic climate legislations represent our single greatest step forward to honor our commitments to the Paris Climate Agreement. Read More >

Voters stand up to oil industry

Jun 16, 2016

The votes in California’s primary are in, and the environment and the clean energy economy are the clear winners. Read More >

Oil Industry Trying to "Buy" California Elections

May 6, 2016

They're ba-ack! (Actually, they never left). Read More >

Big Oil's Candidate in SD27 is Janice Kamenir-Reznik

May 3, 2016

In case you haven’t heard, the California Dental Association just spent $50,000 on a poll and a mailer for Senate District 27 candidate Janice Kamenir-Reznik. At first glance you just think maybe she’s the poster child for good oral hygiene, but there’s something much more devious at play. It turns out that the dentists are acting as the innocent face for the real source of the money: oil conglomerate Chevron. Read More >

LA Gas Leak: tell lawmakers to pass emergency legislation now!

Jan 19, 2016

A massive gas leak on the outskirts of Los Angeles has been spewing climate pollution since October 2015. The leak has raised public health concerns, driven thousands of families from their homes, and has significant impacts on California’s progress on limiting greenhouse gas pollution that contributes to climate change. Read More >

Senator Fran Pavley Receives Byron Sher Lifetime Achievement Award from CLCV

Nov 10, 2015

Senator Fran Pavley has spent her lifetime living and working in Los Angeles and Ventura counties as a parent, educator, and elected official. She is indisputably one of the greatest environmental champions in state history. It is impossible to quantify the impact she has had on environmental politics in California, and her work has effected change on a national and global scale. After nearly three decades as a teacher, Senator Pavley became the first mayor of the City of Agoura Hills, and served for four terms on the city council. Read More >

In California, the Oil Empire Strikes Back

Sep 15, 2015

We have the best legislature money can buy, and Big Oil just proved it.

The oil industry used their limitless war chest to fund a multi-million dollar fear-mongering campaign against two major climate proposals, ending the 2015 legislative session with two huge victories for their profits and two devastating losses for our future. But that’s not the whole story, as I’ll explain in a moment. Read More >

California Legislature Passes Historic Climate Bill

Sep 11, 2015

California just made climate history once again. Late Friday night, California lawmakers took the final vote on a major climate change bill SB 350 – and it passed.

In other words, California just passed the boldest, farthest reaching climate change legislation in the nation. SB 350 passed thanks to the tremendous outpouring of grassroots support and activism. Read More >

New Fracking Study Confirms Risks to Water, Wildlife, and Communities

Jul 23, 2015

The recent release of an independent, state-funded study on fracking shows that our long-standing concerns about the risks are justified. This latest revelation comes on the heels of months of scandal involving oil companies and the state agencies that are supposed to regulate them but, by their own admission, have failed to protect Californians' health and safety.

Californians have heard a lot about fracking over the past few years. Our concerns have only grown into outrage as more evidence of its risks to our communities, our water, our health and safety has come to light. Read More >

Climate Change Bills SB 350 & SB 32 Advance to Final Committee

Jul 17, 2015

Two major climate change bills (SB 350 and SB 32) won approval this week in the California Assembly Committee on Natural Resources, and now both bills are heading to the Appropriations Committee – the final committee they'll need to win over before they're eligible for floor votes by the full Assembly. Read More >

Citizens and Lawmakers Speak Out to Protect Water Supply

Mar 25, 2015

It's simply amazing. More than 950 Californians responded to our request for Letters to the Editor about the current threat to our federally-protected aquifers posed by underground waste injection wells. Protecting California’s limited groundwater is vitally important to all of us, so we expected a lot of letters – but we honestly never expected nearly 1,000 supporters would write in! It's incredibly gratifying and encouraging to see such a huge response! Read More >

Do You Know the Score?

Oct 28, 2014

Our annual California Environmental Scorecard is now live! Read More >

Governor Brown Signs Historic Groundwater Laws

Sep 16, 2014

Just minutes ago, I stood in Governor Jerry Brown's office while he signed historic legislation regulating California groundwater.

Incredibly, until today, California was the only western state without groundwater regulations. For decades, Californians have used more groundwater than we have replenished, and water levels have dropped at an alarming rate. In the current drought, as other water resources have declined, groundwater has been supplying more than half of California’s water needs. Read More >

Big Oil: Up to its old tricks

Jul 17, 2014

Big Oil is up to its old tricks. They've just launched a manipulative assault on AB 32, the most important clean air and climate law passed in decades for California--and arguably the nation--all to avoid taking responsibility to reduce their pollution. In a nutshell, oil companies think they deserve a free pass to pollute as much as they always have. Read More >

Environmental Proposals Move Forward

May 30, 2014

It’s that time of year when those of us working hard to pass good environmental legislation in California can survey the lay of the land and see what remains in play after the flurry of policy committees and floor votes. Read More >

Environmental Groups: Fix Fracking Bill

Sep 11, 2013

(Updated 2:00 pm PST): Four environmental groups--including CLCV--who have advocated for a bill to implement the first-ever comprehensive fracking regulations in California withdrew our support today. Read More >

California's already fracked.

Aug 27, 2013

California is already fracked. We demand answers.

Read More >

BPA ban: 2 years (and 2 kids) later

Jul 25, 2013

I'm a mom with two amazing children: my 2-year-old Finn and my 6-month-old Suzy. We just visited their pediatrician to check their weights, their heights, and to make sure that, despite my concerns, my toddler's tantrums are well within the "normal" range. Read More >

California: Fracked!

Jun 7, 2013

Last week, the California Senate passed SB 4, a comprehensive fracking regulation bill authored by environmental champion Senator Fran Pavley. It passed on a party-line vote, with all 28 Democrats voting for it and all 11 Republicans voting against it.

(Take action on fracking now; tell your Assemblymember to stand up to the oil industry and vote YES on SB 4: Read More >

Chevron Goes After Fran Pavley

Oct 1, 2012

I was watching tv the other night when it cut to commercial. Dark, ominous music started as a political ad described a sitting legislator running for re-election who was also an apparent tax dodger. This legislator made $261,000 last year and didn’t pay anything in taxes. Wow! That’s outlandish. And who was this legislator? State Senator Fran Pavley. Wait… what? Read More >

FDA Bans Toxic BPA in Baby Bottles

Jul 18, 2012

Do you want the good news first, or the bad news?

I'm a "good news first" kind of person, so here it is: The Food and Drug Administration announced yesterday that it is now illegal for baby bottles and sippy cups to contain the toxic chemical bisphenol-A (BPA). The announcement comes less than a year after California passed the Toxin-Free Infant and Toddlers Act, a ban on BPA in these products made or sold in California authored by Assemblymember Betsy Butler. Read More >

Thou Shalt Not Frack Thy Neighbor’s Land

Apr 26, 2012

This isn’t revolutionary. It’s being a good neighbor. Read More >

State Senator Fran Pavley: Environmental Champion

Feb 15, 2012

State Senator Fran Pavley’s record of environmental accomplishments is astonishing. Read More >

One Step Closer to An Environmental Majority

Jan 6, 2012

Late Wednesday, CLCV-endorsed candidate Assemblymember Bill Monning was greeted with fantastic news Read More >

Speaking as a Doctor and a Mom

Jul 7, 2011

Cold hard facts can only get you so far in making your case before policy-makers. Read More >

CLCV releases 2010 Scorecard

Feb 10, 2011

Did your representatives in Sacramento vote to protect the environment? Read More >

2010 Legislative wrap-up

Sep 23, 2010

In the 2010 California Legislative session that recently ended, CLCV helped pass a variety of significant environmental legislation, including important wins on climate change and dangerous toxins.  Just as important, we successfully thwarted an unprecedented number of bad bills pushed by polluters, many of which tried to use the recession as an excuse to weaken enforcement of environmental protection. Read More >


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