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San Diego, CA I February 27, 2018 — On Sunday during the California Democratic Convention, the California Democratic Party unanimously voted in opposition to Proposition 70, a corporate-led attack on climate action opposed by environmental justice, environmental and social justice organizations. Prop 70 would subject climate investment spending to a two-thirds vote in 2024, leading to legislative gridlock. If passed, it would seize funding that is currently used to fight pollution and improve community health.

“We thank the California Democratic Party for opposing Proposition 70. Prop 70 would put our state’s climate funding at the mercy of corporate lobbyists, jeopardizing the integrity of California’s climate programs, our environment, and the health of Californians. It would set a dangerous precedent for climate action that is riddled with industry loopholes. We cannot afford to let corporate polluters control our climate policy.”
— Gladys Limon, Executive Director of California Environmental Justice Alliance and CEJA Action

“The decision of the California Democratic Party to oppose Proposition 70 is a big deal in this political moment when Democrats need to take a strong stand for principled action on climate change. We applaud California Democrats for their continued commitment to environmental justice.”
— James Johnson, Political Director of California League of Conservation Voters and Member of California Democratic Party Resolutions Committee

“The California Democratic Party got it right in voting to oppose Proposition 70.  It’s a bad deal for the environment and for our state because it puts at risk the great progress we have made so far in fighting climate change and improving air pollution.”
— Senator Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica)

“Proposition 70 will only increase legislative gridlock, undermine our efforts on clean energy, and empower special interests. It’s not worthy of the support of California voters. By requiring a two-thirds supermajority vote of the legislature to allocate the funds paid by polluters, passing Proposition 70 would change this effective system and permit a small minority of politicians to be able to divert the funds away from environmental priorities. We can’t let that happen.”
— Assemblymember Todd Gloria (D-San Diego)

California has just under $1 billion in anti-pollution money that funds clean energy, affordable housing, transportation, and other programs that improve the health, sustainability, and resilience of communities across the state. A significant percentage of this money is spent in low-income communities and communities of color, which is required by law. Prop 70 would cut or limit California’s climate programs that have created jobs, installed solar power, replaced highly polluting cars and trucks with clean electric vehicles, and planted trees in disadvantaged communities most impacted by climate change.

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