Press release: California's Environment Wins in 2012 General Election


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November 7, 2012
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California’s Environment Wins in 2012 General Election

Environmental Champions Elected to White House, U.S. Congress and California Legislature; Statewide Ballot Propositions 39 and 30 also victorious

OAKLAND, Calif.  (November 7, 2012) – Californians, many of whom registered to vote online for the first time in recent weeks, overwhelmingly voted for candidates who promised to protect the environment and public health and demonstrated support for California’s clean energy leadership by voting “Yes” on Proposition 39 in yesterday’s General Election, said the California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV).

“From the United States Congress to the California Senate and Assembly, CLCV was successful in our mission of electing the Golden State’s best champions for clean air and water, open spaces, public health and clean energy jobs,” said CLCV CEO Sarah Rose. “California also played a critical role in re-electing President Barack Obama, who CLCV endorsed as the clear choice to move our country forward on the path to environmental protection and progress.”

The most significant election night victories for the environment include widespread support for California’s continued leadership on climate change solutions and investments in clean and renewable energy. Voters in a newly created district re-elected the author of the state’s Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32) State Senator Fran Pavley, despite a particularly deceptive and well-financed campaign against her by oil companies and other anti-environment interests. Californians also voted for Proposition 39 (the Clean Energy and Jobs Act) to bring $1 billion in new revenue, half of which will support critical investments in energy efficiency and clean energy jobs.

(See CLCV’s entire list of endorsements and election results here.)

“CLCV is proud that 95% of the candidates who earned our endorsement will be taking that commitment to environmental progress to Sacramento and Washington D.C.,” said CLCV Political Director David Allgood.

CLCV worked to elect environmental leaders and legislative newcomers including Jimmy Gomez (AD 51), Al Muratusuchi (AD 66), Cristina Garcia (AD 58), Phil Ting (AD 19), and Bill Quirk (AD 20) to the state Assembly, and supported successful candidates Bill Monning (SD 17), Hannah Beth Jackson (SD 19), Ricardo Lara (SD 33), and Marty Block (SD 39) for State Senate, among others.

CLCV also invested resources in five competitive Congressional races with clear environmental candidate, helping to elect Assemblymembers Jared Huffman and Julia Brownley, State Senator Alan Lowenthal, and educator Mark Takano to Congress. CLCV hopes they will be joined by Dr. Ami Bera, currently holding a slim lead over Representative Dan Lungren, who was also targeted by the national League of Conservation Voters for his abysmal voting record on environmental issues.

Finally, CLCV worked to support pro-environmental statewide ballot initiatives Propositions 39, 37 and 30, and to defeat proposals with negative consequences for the environment, public health and our democracy, Propositions 32 and 31.

“In addition to an important win for Proposition 39, voters in California voted to invest in the future of our state’s education and health by voting yes on Proposition 30,” said Rose. “By voting no on Prop 32, voters stopped corporations from buying political influence while silencing other voices including unions; and they voted against Prop 31 which would have undermined state laws and regulations that protect the environment and public health.”

In a notable exception to overwhelmingly pro-environment election outcomes, Proposition 37 to label genetically modified foods was defeated by a deceptive $45 million campaign by chemical and pesticide companies with a stake in GMO foods. 

“Although we’re disappointed that Proposition 37 didn’t succeed, an important state and national conversation has begun about our food supply, and we’re confident Californians will be able to make meaningful progress on this issue in the near future,” said Allgood.

“Thanks to the support of our more than 50,000 members and activists, CLCV’s work in this election included over 1 million voter contacts and almost $1 million invested in electing environmental champions,” said Rose. “The grassroots-powered success of so many pro-environmental candidates and ballot propositions in this election demonstrates that real voters with real hopes and dreams for the future can be organized to defeat deep pockets even in the post-Citizens United era, and reflects Californians’ commitment to our environment, our public health and our future.”

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