Letter to Coastal Commission Chair Steve Kinsey from CLCV CEO Sarah Rose


February 2, 2016

Steve Kinsey
Chair, California Coastal Commission
3501 Civic Center Drive, Suite 329
San Rafael, CA 94903-4193
Via: StatusOfExecutiveDirector@coastal.ca.gov

Dear Chair Kinsey:

The California League of Conservation Voters has a 40-year history and a record of strong and unwavering support for strong protection and advocacy on behalf of our unmatched coastline.  The Coastal Act is the product of a grassroots effort to protect California’s most iconic landscape for all of us, and it is our continuing responsibility as Californians to steward this national treasure for the generations that follow us.

The Coastal Act sets out requirements both for an independent professional staff and a board of commissioners to work in partnership in service of the goals of the Coastal Act.  The commission and staff’s collective priority is to provide oversight and management that will both protect the right of the public to access the coast and protection of the natural coastal resources, while guiding development to support mutually beneficial outcomes for public and private interests in the coastal zone.

We understand that there is a current review of the serving Executive Director and his performance in his role.  We recognize this is a confidential staff management matter; however, over the course of this review, we expect that all of the members of the commission and the staff will remain focused on their ultimate responsibility to the ideals of the Coastal Act and to the people of California. If the recent outpouring of public concern over this matter demonstrates anything, it’s that Californians love and cherish the coast and believe its protection is of utmost importance.

On behalf of our more than 100,000 members, we at CLCV are steadfast in our support for coastal protection and the goals of the Coastal Act.  We have every expectation that all involved will keep that responsibility at the forefront of this and every decision before the commission.

Thank you for your service to the people of California and the generations to come. 


Sarah Rose
CEO, California League of Conservation Voters

cc: Members of the California Coastal Commission


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