November 2012 endorsements & results


Endorsements and results for the November 6, 2012 statewide general election

For final vote totals, visit the California Secretary of State's election results site.

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Ballot Measures

Yes on Prop 30 - WIN
A YES vote will protect public schools and public safety throughout California, and will prevent further cuts in state environmental funding.

No on Prop 31 - WIN
A NO vote will prevent local governments from overriding state laws and regulations that protect the environment and public health.

No on Prop 32 - WIN
A NO vote stopped multi-national corporations from buying political influence while silencing other voices.

Yes on Prop 37 - Loss
A YES vote would have required manufacturers to label genetically engineered foods.

Yes on Prop 39 - WIN
A YES vote will make corporations pay their fair share while supporting investments to make our economy stronger and greener, and our air cleaner.

California State Assembly

District Endorsement Link Result
AD 2 Wes Chesbro   WIN
AD 4 Mariko Yamada website WIN
AD 7 Roger Dickinson website WIN
AD 8 Ken Cooley   WIN
AD 10 Michael Allen   Loss
AD 15 Nancy Skinner   WIN
AD 16 Joan Buchanan website WIN
AD 17 Tom Ammiano website WIN
AD 18 Rob Bonta* website WIN
Abel Guillen* website  
AD 19 Phil Ting website WIN
AD 20 Bill Quirk website WIN
AD 22 Kevin Mullin website WIN
AD 24 Rich Gordon   WIN
AD 25 Bob Wieckowski   WIN
AD 27 Nora Campos   WIN
AD 28 Paul Fong website WIN
AD 29 Mark Stone website WIN
AD 30 Luis Alejo website WIN
AD 31 Henry Perea   WIN
AD 37 Das Williams   WIN
AD 38 Edward Headington website Loss
AD 39 Raul Bocanegra website WIN
AD 41 Chris Holden website WIN
AD 43 Mike Gatto website WIN
AD 45 Bob Blumenfield   WIN
AD 46 Adrin Nazarian website WIN
AD 47 Cheryl Brown website WIN
AD 48 Roger Hernandez website WIN
AD 49 Ed Chau website WIN
AD 50 Betsy Butler website Loss
AD 51 Jimmy Gomez website WIN
AD 52 Norma Torres website WIN
AD 53 John A. Pérez website WIN
AD 54 Holly Mitchell   WIN
AD 57 Ian Calderon website WIN
AD 58 Cristina Garcia website WIN
AD 59 Reggie Jones-Sawyer website WIN
AD 61 Jose Medina website WIN
AD 62 Steve Bradford website WIN
AD 63 Anthony Rendon   WIN
AD 66 Al Muratsuchi website WIN
AD 70 Bonnie Lowenthal   WIN
AD 78 Toni Atkins website WIN
AD 79 Shirley Weber website WIN
AD 80 Ben Hueso website WIN

California State Senate

District Endorsement Link Result
SD 3 Lois Wolk website WIN
SD 5 Cathleen Galgiani website WIN
SD 7 Mark DeSaulnier website WIN
SD 9 Loni Hancock website WIN
SD 11 Mark Leno website WIN
SD 13 Jerry Hill* website WIN
Sally Lieber* website  
SD 15 Jim Beall* website WIN
Joe Coto* website  
SD 17 Bill Monning website WIN
SD 19 Hannah-Beth Jackson website WIN
SD 25 Carol Liu website WIN
SD 27 Fran Pavley website WIN
SD 33 Ricardo Lara   WIN
SD 39 Marty Block website WIN

Endorsements that follow are paid for by the California League of Conservation Voters Federal PAC, 350 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Suite 1100, Oakland, CA 94612, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.


Endorsement Link Result
President Barack Obama website WIN

U.S. Senate

Endorsement Link Result
Senator Dianne Feinstein website WIN

U.S. Congress

District Endorsement Link Result
CD 2 Jared Huffman website WIN
CD 3 John Garamendi   WIN
CD 5 Mike Thompson   WIN
CD 6 Doris Matsui   WIN
CD 7 Dr. Ami Bera website WIN
CD 9 Jerry McNerney   WIN
CD 11 George Miller   WIN
CD 12 Nancy Pelosi   WIN
CD 13 Barbara Lee   WIN
CD 14 Jackie Speier   WIN
CD 15 Pete Stark   Loss
CD 17 Mike Honda   WIN
CD 18 Anna Eshoo   WIN
CD 19 Zoe Lofgren   WIN
CD 20 Sam Farr   WIN
CD 24 Lois Capps   WIN
CD 26 Julia Brownley website WIN
CD 27 Judy Chu   WIN
CD 28 Adam Schiff   WIN
CD 32 Grace Napolitano   WIN
CD 33 Henry Waxman   WIN
CD 34 Xavier Becerra   WIN
CD 37 Karen Bass website WIN
CD 38 Linda Sanchez   WIN
CD 40 Lucille Roybal-Allard   WIN
CD 41 Mark Takano website WIN
CD 43 Maxine Waters   WIN
CD 46 Loretta Sanchez   WIN
CD 47 Alan Lowenthal website WIN
CD 52 Scott Peters website WIN
CD 53 Susan Davis   WIN

* indicates a dual endorsement.

Also, please note that the districts referenced above are the new districts that were created in the California Citizens' Redistricting Commission redistricting process in 2011.

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