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Help build a greener California with CLCV by taking action today:

End single-use plastic in California

End single-use plastic in California

Support CLCV's election reform package

Support CLCV's elections reform package

Reject David Bernhard's nomination

Bernhardt Watch: Hold the Interior Secretary accountable

Support the Green New Deal

Protect California's environmental laws 

Support the Green New Deal

Speak up for greater oversight of the Cadiz Water Project 

Support the Green New Deal

Save endangered gray wolves from extinction 

Support the Green New Deal

Fight for California's clean drinking water

Support the Green New Deal

Support the Green New Deal

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Stop Oil Drilling

  • Tell Congress: Protect California from offshore oil drilling! If Trump succeeds in expanding offshore drilling in California, it’ll be a downright money grab for Big Oil at the expense of endangered species and marine life that would lose their lives and habitat and for the coastal communities across our state that rely on tourism as a means of living.

Lawmakers listen to their constituents. Phone calls or letters to your representative are two important ways to make your voice heard. A steady stream of feedback to elected and appointed officials have been shown to be very successful in convincing legislators to vote for environmental bills. Your act today can make a big difference tomorrow.

Here are more ways you can take action to be an environmental champion:

  1. Contribute to CLCV. CLCV is the political muscle of the environmental movement. We have been electing environmental champions for four decades — and holding them accountable to voters. We can only do our work with your support. Join or donate today.
  2. Stay connected to CLCV. When you join our email list, we'll send you urgent calls to action and timely news about our endorsements and legislative efforts. Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.
  3. Elect and support environmental champions. Keep an eye on CLCV's endorsements of environmental candidates. Stay informed on your legislators' records using our annual California Environmental Scorecard.
Support the Green New Deal
Support the Green New Deal
Support the Green New Deal

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2018 California Environmental Scorecard

New for the 2018 legislative session: The 45th annual California Environmental Scorecard rates elected officials on 2018, another successful year for the environment in spite of heavy opposition from polluting industry.

Find out how your legislators did in 2018 in CLCV's California Environmental Scorecard.