Weekly Green: February 23, 2012


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Hello all. In this week's news:

  • Transportation bill backs offshore drilling in California;
  • More on the plight of the honeybee;
  • Dismal forecast for Central Valley farm water supply;
  • Greenhouse gas battle could reap billions in auctions;
  • Climate scientist embroiled in ethics storm over Heartland documents;
  • and much more.

Leading Off

House transportation bill backs offshore drilling

Five-year transportation bills are traditionally bipartisan earmark fests that send hundreds of billions of dollars for highways, bridges, transit and other infrastructure to California and other states. But this year, House Republicans, ruling out earmarks but desperate for revenue, have produced a fossil-fuel extravaganza that would require oil drilling off the California coast and along the entire continental shelf on the east and west coasts, including Florida.

Obama to tout energy plan to counter Republican attacks on gas prices

Amid growing GOP attacks on the White House over gas prices, President Obama will use a Thursday speech to tout his administration’s efforts to expand domestic oil-and-gas production, while stressing that drilling is not the only solution to the country’s energy woes.

Greenhouse gas battle could reap billions in auctions

The auctions are a critical part of California’s “cap-and-trade” plan to cut greenhouse gases – using market-based measures as opposed to direct orders from regulators to throttle emissions.

Coming Up

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More Environmental News

Sea turtle may become California's official marine reptile

California has a state bird, a state flower and even a state fossil — the saber-toothed cat. Joining the bunch could be an official state marine reptile.

One hive makes it through the winter, one doesn't

As if the honeybee didn't already have it hard enough. The United States is losing about one-third of its honeybee hives a year, most of those over the winter. These losses are unsustainable.

Wildfire Trends: You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

Also revealed at the AAAS annual meeting was possibly the first-ever global estimate of fire-related mortality. Based on data collected over a ten-year period, Respiratory health researcher Fay Johnston puts the annual death toll related to “landscape fires” at about 340,000.

Feds, blaming dry winter, offer dismal forecast for Valley farm water supply

Wednesday's dismal outlook -- the first of the season from the Bureau of Reclamation -- has west-side farmers potentially idling more land and east-side growers looking for additional sources of water.

EPA to drill 30 new wells in Burbank, Glendale, NoHo for hexavalent chromium monitoring

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will drill about 30 new wells deep below the San Fernando Valley next month to better define a toxic underground chemical plume that regulators admit they still don't understand.

Water tunnels would be huge project -- if they clear huge obstacles

Pumps that now serve that aqueduct and its nearby federal counterpart kill millions of fish every year and are blamed for altering the habitat of the estuary itself, once among the world's most productive fisheries. The tunnel project is intended to move the intakes upstream, to locations presumed to be less harmful to fish and their habitat.

Unsafe levels of lead still found in California youths

Now the number of cases could climb dramatically based on emerging research of the harm associated with low levels of the metal in children's systems. At the same time, government programs to combat lead poisoning are being slashed.

Incentives help Sacramento Valley farmers replace diesel pumps with electric to cut pollution

The federal government is boosting the existing pump replacement program by about $1 million. It is being administered by the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality District.

BP Oil Spill: Judge Rules Company Liable For Civil Penalties

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that BP PLC and one of its minority partners in the blown-out Macondo well are liable for civil penalties under the Clean Water Act for their roles in the nation's worst offshore oil spill.

Heartland Anti-Climate Science Agenda Exposed

Gleick hurt by ethics lapse over climate papers

The papers, which Gleick insists are legitimate, show a coordinated national effort - including programs designed for school children - to discredit climate change science. That campaign appears in the documents to be funded by industries that might be hurt by efforts to control greenhouse gases.

Berkeley-based scientist causes ethics storm over climate change documents

The issue has riveted the environmental community and the energy industry, raising questions about whether the damage will extend past Gleick's reputation and harm scientists' efforts to convince the public that climate change is real and largely caused by humans.

Global warming and earthly lies (column)

Heartland President Joe Bast accused Gleick of "stealing" internal documents to "embarrass a group that disagrees with his views." Enviros love the karma here.


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