SD33 Special Election: Congratulations, Senator-elect Lena Gonzalez!

SD33 Special Election: Congratulations, Senator-elect Lena Gonzalez!

With just 12 years left to prevent catastrophic climate impacts, it’s critical that Californians elect leaders who can be an asset to our state’s global leadership.

And last night, voters in Senate District 33 did just that, overwhelmingly electing Lena Gonzalez with 69% of the vote!

Lena has a proven track record of audacious action, and of putting her community first — in fact, it’s why we endorsed her.

She held the Long Beach City Council’s most progressive environmental record and authored a bill to ban ocean polluting styrofoam. She fought against expanding offshore oil drilling, and went toe-to-toe with Big Oil and the coal industry to protect the health of her constituents. Lena advocated for clean-up of the Los Angeles River to provide families more spaces for recreation, and pushed businesses that pollute our communities to clean up their act.

What's more, she’s fully committed to making sure ALL Californians have safe, affordable water to drink.

We know Lena will continue this leadership in Sacramento, and that communities from Long Beach to Lynwood can be confident they have a champion in the State Senate. And though Lena’s win gives much to celebrate, there’s still much work to be done.

Radical change is possible — only by transforming our political system and electing environmental champions will we create the opportunity to take the bold action needed on climate change.

We must keep electing leaders like Lena to inspire hope and action in their communities.

Donate to CLCV today and help us elect more environmental champions to send to Sacramento in 2020 and beyond.

Thanks for being a partner in this fight. 

Posted on June 5, 2019 in ECOVOTE BLOG.

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