We won! Governor Newsom protects the Mojave Desert from destruction

by Mike Young

We won! Governor Newsom protects the Mojave Desert from destruction

We have some exciting news to share:

Governor Newsom signed Senate Bill 307 into law, effectively stopping Trump and his cronies from pumping billions of gallons of water annually from underneath our national parks in the Mojave Desert!

This law restores science-based decision-making to stop Trump’s friends at Cadiz, Inc. from privatizing and extracting water from parks like Joshua Tree and Mojave Trails.

Cadiz, Inc. has been trying for years to pump billions of gallons of water from underneath the desert, and with friends in the Trump Administration -- including their former lobbyist and current Interior Secretary David Bernhardt -- we needed to send a strong message that California’s natural resources are worth protecting.

And we got just that!

In less than a day, YOU mobilized and joined CLCV members across the state in generating hundreds of calls to the Governor’s office. It’s no mistake that he signed this bill yesterday after our final push.

We did it -- share this fantastic news and victory with your friends and family!

With the power of strong members like you behind us in Sacramento, we can fight and win!

Thank you for standing up for our environment.

Posted on August 1, 2019 in ECOVOTE BLOG.

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