Governor Plans to Veto Significant Environmental Bill, Californians Call for Leadership

Press Release
September 17, 2019

OAKLAND, CA — The California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV) issued a statement Tuesday expressing alarm about Governor Gavin Newsom’s comments indicating he is not supportive of Senate Bill 1 becoming law. This landmark bill would allow California to swiftly fight back against the Trump administration’s rollback of environmental, public health, and labor protections to keep our state on a path toward economic and environmental sustainability and growth.

Newsom implied on Saturday that he would not sign the bill by state Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins, even though it would defend California from Trump’s persistent, reckless attempts to derail key environmental protections. The legislation would provide a backstop for foundational federal protections for clean air and water, endangered wildlife, and workers’ rights as the Administration continues to weaken or roll back these popular laws.

The following is a statement from Mary Creasman, CEO of the California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV):

“By siding with Trump and corporations over California’s families and wildlife, Governor Newsom would be sending a clear message that California’s values are up for grabs. The children and families across our state who are struggling to breathe and without access to safe water demand more. Any rollbacks of these standards are unacceptable for our state. With 11 years left to transition our economy and infrastructure we can’t waste time arguing over old standards, we need new, stronger action. And California bears the responsibility to lead the way and prove it’s possible to tackle the climate crisis.

The good news is that the Governor still has the opportunity to make the right decision and sign SB 1 into law, and families across California are counting on him to do so. We need our Governor to continue California’s leadership and protect us from federal attacks, rather than engaging in false decisions between the economy and the environment that put us all at risk.”

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