Help us fight back against Trump's attacks on California's vehicle emissions standards

by Mary Creasman

Help us fight back against Trump's attacks on California's vehicle emissions standards

In another reckless assault on our environment -- not to mention an unprecedented attack on state’s rights -- President Trump plans to revoke California’s auto emissions standards, setting a dangerous precedent in overruling a state’s ability to govern the safety of its air.

California’s forward-looking auto-emissions policies have not only protected the air we breathe and prepared us for the coming climate crisis, they’ve created economic growth and innovation. This decision may set a chilling example for dismantling our other bedrock environmental legislation, like SB 100 -- our state’s commitment to 100 percent renewable, carbon-free power.

At this point, we aren’t shocked or surprised by this administration’s destructive disregard for our planet, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop fighting back.

We’re standing behind Attorney General Xavier Becerra, as he takes on this fight in the courts. And the California League of Conservation Voters is hard at work to ensure 2020 will be a year of accountability for this president.

Will you stand with us and donate to make sure California continues to be on the frontlines in the battle for our future?

Donate now to the California League of Conservation Voters. This fight is for our future and we need your help. Your gift at any level makes a difference.

Thank you for fighting back with us.

P.S. Read and share our full statement about Trump's recent attack on California's clean air here.

Posted on September 18, 2019 in ECOVOTE BLOG.

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