Governor Newsom is going to veto this important environmental bill

by Mary Creasman

Governor Newsom is going to veto this important environmental bill

Refusing to defend California against Trump’s attacks on environmental and worker protections would go against our state’s core values.

That’s why it’s so alarming to hear that Governor Newsom plans to veto Senate Bill 1, which would allow California to keep in place Obama-era clean air, clean water, endangered species, and whistleblower standards and protections no matter what Trump does.

We need you to tell Governor Newsom to protect California’s progress and sign Senate Bill 1 right now.

Thank you for taking action to get Senate Bill 1 through the Legislature, and thank you for your ongoing support in getting this bill through the final hurdle. By siding with Trump and corporations over California’s families and wildlife, Governor Newsom would be sending a clear message that California’s values are up for grabs. The children and families across our state who are struggling to breathe and without access to safe water demand more. Any rollbacks of these standards are unacceptable for our state.

With 11 years left to transition our economy and infrastructure before the devastating impacts of our climate crisis are irreversible, we can’t waste time arguing over old standards. We need new, stronger action. And California bears the responsibility to lead the way and prove it’s possible to tackle the climate crisis.

The good news is that the Governor still has the opportunity to make the right decision and sign Senate Bill 1 into law, and families across California are counting on him to do so. We need our Governor to continue California’s leadership and protect us from federal attacks, rather than engaging in false decisions between the economy and the environment that put us all at risk.

We need your help – it’s urgent. Will you make a quick call to Governor Newsom’s office today and urge him to sign Senate Bill 1 into law today before it’s too late?

Take action now and call Governor Newsom and tell him to sign SB 1 into law.

If we do not act today, the Trump administration will be successful at erasing California’s environmental protections and threatening our most precious land, water, and wildlife.

We need leadership from our Governor now to protect our families and our future.

Thank you so much. Your actions make all the difference.

Posted on September 19, 2019 in ECOVOTE BLOG.

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