Election 2019: Our Environmental Wins and What’s Possible in 2020

Election 2019: Our Environmental Wins and What’s Possible in 2020

Yesterday’s election was a milestone for our progress and the possibilities of what can happen in 2020 if we continue to fight to protect our democracy, elect environmental champions, and build power across the state and nation to urge our elected leaders to take bold action on climate change.

While we are a non-partisan organization, some of these partisan wins will have a significant impact on our collective progress on climate change:

In California, our local leagues and community partners won a few victories:

Meanwhile, nationwide, last night’s election returns also presented a bit of hope and inspiration for our movement.

Here are some quick highlights:

Our work is not done. But what’s evident is the environment won the night and those who continue to deny what’s happening and refuse to act on it will continue to lose, even when Big Oil and special interests outspend us. Voters across the nation are responding well and urgently to our message: impacts of our climate crisis are happening, and the time to act is now. What’s more, candidates who embrace clean energy and environmental policies and solutions, like the Green New Deal, win. What’s next to come is our hands.

We can keep last night’s momentum going and change what’s possible for climate action by expanding the right to vote, by making our voices heard through the ballot box, and by electing candidates who can turn their victories into real policy change. These acts are critical to our work at home and our role in leading our nation’s fight against the climate crisis.

It’s time to be bolder in our call for climate action.

Last night’s election was a monumental step towards where we need to go, and with your support, we will continue to create the political will to make bold climate action happen in 2020 and beyond. What we’re doing is working, so let’s keep building.

We won’t stop until we touch every part of our environment, economy, and infrastructure.

Thank you for being a part of this movement.

Posted on November 6, 2019 in ECOVOTE BLOG.

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