CLCV Leans into Accountability, Releases Revamp of 2019 Environmental Scorecard

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January 28, 2020

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CLCV Names Climate Action Caucus and Polluter Caucus

SACRAMENTO – Today the California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV) released a new and improved 2019 California Environmental Scorecard to better reflect the urgency of the climate crisis. The California Environmental Scorecard will help California voters better understand how our state is taking action to address our climate crisis. CLCV’s Scorecard doubles down on accountability and for the first-time scores California’s overall performance and rates the Assembly and Senate Democratic and Republican caucuses on their leadership in fighting climate change.

The 2019 CLCV Environmental Scorecard shows that if we are serious about meeting our environmental goals, California lawmakers must push bold and transformative solutions. After measuring how lawmakers voted on key environmental legislation and the Governors’ and his administration’s executive actions, California received a C- (71%), only seven – four Assembly members and three Senators—out of the 120 legislators scored 100%, and Governor Gavin Newsom scored 85%.

“After a year of feeling the worsening impacts of climate inaction, we took it upon ourselves to look at state government differently,” said Mary Creasman CEO of the California League of Conservation Voters. “Californians deserve more than inadequate goals and incremental action, we need swift implementation and visionary change. At CLCV, our hope is to help legislators use this scorecard as an instrument for change. We have 10 years, the time to act is now.”

Climate change is top of mind for California voters. In a UC Berkeley poll conducted recently, 85% of likely voters in California’s Democratic primary said climate change was a top priority, and 47% said climate change should be the leading priority of the next president – higher than any other issue.

In 2019, California experienced the devastating impacts of climate inaction – wildfires, flooding, high costs of reconstruction and worsening air pollution. For this reason, CLCV selected a list of key issues that encompass needed environmental action to create a clean energy economy; protect communities from pollution; protect natural resources and open spaces; strengthen democracy and build sustainable transportation and land use that were the basis our scoring.

The legislators who scored a perfect score, led in authoring legislation to fight back big oil, protect public health, preserve our natural environments and protect communities from air pollution and toxic chemicals.

Bold action deserves recognition, which is why this year CLCV created a Climate Action Caucus to highlight those leaders who had the political will to introduce bold environmental action. The legislators in the Climate Action Caucus include:

CLCV also created a Polluter Caucus for those who are standing in the way of climate solutions. The Caucus includes a list of five legislators who have rolled back or halted our progress to protect the environment. The legislators include:

In addition, we rated party caucuses by taking the average scores in the Senate and Assembly since each party caucus is responsible for holding members accountable. CLCV tallied the scores by averaging the scores of individual Democratic and Republican caucuses. The Assembly Democratic Caucus scored 85%, the Assembly Republican Caucus scored 18%, the Senate Democratic Caucus scored 87%, and the Senate Republican Caucus scored 23%.

California's current environmental protections continue to face attacks by the Trump Administration. While California Attorney General Xavier Becerra fights for us in courts, the state legislature and Governor can and should seek ways to push our policies forward and ensure rapid implementation that addresses the needs of all communities. Scientific studies continue to raise red flags about our current approach to addressing the climate crisis. We now know that we have ten years – until 2030 to stop the catastrophic impacts. California lawmakers are equipped with the information and the will of the voters, with CLCV’s new approach to accountability we hope to see fast and rapid bold transformative action.

We believe that radical change is necessary and only by transforming our political system will we create the opportunity to take bold action on climate change. We elect and cultivate environmental champions, turn election victories into policy wins, hold our lawmakers accountable, and build political power for change. We inspire hope and action and fight for equity and justice for all Californians. We are in the business of changing what’s possible. Join us at and on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. See more press releases.

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