CLCV Reveals Endorsements Ahead of March 2020 California Primary Election

Press Release
February 6, 2020

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OAKLAND — Today the California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV) announced a slate of 103 endorsements in Local, Assembly, Senate and Congressional races across California ahead of the March 2020 primary election. The endorsements reflect CLCV’s commitment to electing bold leaders to fight climate change. With the climate crisis worsening each year, we need legislators in Washington, D.C. and California who are willing to fight for our communities and lead.

“On the heels of the Iowa Caucus, we know that now more than ever voters have a clear message for candidates seeking office: combating the climate crisis is a top priority,” said Mike Young Organizing and Political Director of the California League of Conservation Voters. “While Big Oil attempts to taint races across the state by pouring in millions of dollars in campaign contributions, we have a grassroots army ready to stand up to them. California voters want candidates who will prioritize their health and wellbeing over fossil fuel profits.”

With 85 percent of California’s voters saying climate is a top priority, CLCV presents a slate of endorsements that consists of strong environmental candidates who understand the urgency of the climate crisis. The recently released CLCV 2019 Environmental Scorecard demonstrates the necessity to push our legislators on bold and equitable action on climate. CLCV’s endorsed candidates are committed to the fight. To find the full list of endorsed candidates, please click here.

As the political arm of the environmental movement in California, CLCV chose to support candidates who will be ready on day one to ensure California has a clear pathway to a clean, renewable, zero-emission energy future. The endorsed candidates have the policy ideas and values needed to push California and Congress towards solutions and implementation. CLCV has and will continue to contribute to our candidates, knock on doors, and communicate directly with voters so they know who the environmental champions are.

Throughout the endorsement process, CLCV assesses the positions and leadership potential of a candidate on the environment and environmental justice while focusing on racial justice, equity, and campaign viability. We especially look to support diverse, indigenous, LGBTQ+, female, and candidates. Every cycle, CLCV identifies the environmental choice in each race and prioritizes which races will have the most impact for the environment and the fight against the climate crisis.


We believe that radical change is necessary and only by transforming our political system will we create the opportunity to take bold action on climate change. We elect and cultivate environmental champions, turn election victories into policy wins, hold our lawmakers accountable, and build political power for change. We inspire hope and action and fight for equity and justice for all Californians. We are in the business of changing what’s possible. Join us at and on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. See more press releases.

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