CLCV Makes Investment in Inland Empire, Partners with Local Leaders to Build Political Power in the Region

Press Release
March 2, 2020

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INLAND EMPIRE – The California League of Conservation Voters today along with local leaders announced a new local league, the Inland Empire League of Environmental Justice Voters, to elect down ballot environmental and environmental justice candidates in California’s San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

“For far too long, Inland Empire communities have been hit first and worst by policies that prioritize profits over community – the time for change is now," said Mary Creasman CEO of the California League of Conservation Voters. “We believe in creating radical change and change starts at the local level. Establishing local leagues across the state is our first step to build a pipeline of candidates that will bring forth bold policy that protect public health, combat pollution and improve our water infrastructure.”

"2020 is a turning point for the Inland Empire. We can no longer accept local leaders who make decisions in the interest of mega businesses like Amazon and not our communities' health,” said Jean Kayano, President of the IE League of EJ Voters "That is why we founded the Local League of EJ Voters as a PAC to elect Environmental Justice leaders to county board of supervisors, city councils, water boards, and school boards. It’s time to get the bad elected leaders out of office.”

The Inland Empire has been the epicenter of a political shift of a long history of conservative politics to now a new wave of progressive leadership that prioritizes the well-being of families in the region. While leaders in state and federal office have championed environmental justice, local lawmakers continue to reflect priorities of the past that only align with outside economic interest and place profits over community.

In order to change the narrative and help elect down ballot candidates, CLCV’s new local league - Inland Empire League of Environmental Justice Voters – will help elect local leaders who will prioritize the interest of the community's health and prosperity. CLCV will provide financial support and build a strong pipeline of potential candidates to better represent the region. The local league will also hold candidate trainings and provide environmental champions with the opportunity to seek support and guidance when seeking office.

Along with today’s announcement the Inland Empire League of Environmental Justice Voters announced the rollout of three local candidates ahead of the upcoming Democratic primary:

Today’s announcement is part of CLCV’s investment in regions across California. The local leagues will be established as their own entities and be led by local leaders across the state who believe in the need to create a pipeline of environmental justice champions. CLCV has established eight local leagues across the state and will grow the number leading up to the general election.

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