Sharing State Resources and Health Tips re: COVID-19

by Mary Creasman

Sharing State Resources and Health Tips re: COVID-19

Today, we wanted to reach out and check in to see how you are doing. The root of our work is believing in science, which is why we have instituted a mandatory work from home policy to lessen the risk to our staff and community. But we are not stopping the work. Now more than ever, we know the importance of keeping our communities safe and advocacy efforts to ensure policies are equitable. We are a family and hope that we use this time to come together to tap into our common humanity. Each of us – no matter where we live or our gender and racial identity – deserves access to clean water, clean air and the ability to live in a healthy and prosperous community.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, we want to ensure that our members are doing everything you can to stay safe and healthy.

With that said, we’ve compiled a list of state resources that you may find helpful at this time:

Most of all, we want to remind you of common-sense ways to stay healthy:

We care about you. Please make sure you take care of yourself. While working remotely, CLCV will continue to advocate for policies that strengthen the foundations of communities across California.

In solidarity,

Mary Creasman Chief Executive Officer

Posted on March 17, 2020 in ECOVOTE BLOG.

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