California Needs to Stand Strong Against Environmental Rollbacks

California Needs to Stand Strong Against Environmental Rollbacks

This has been a difficult time, and while we’re all physically experiencing it separately, we’re also all enduring this pandemic together. Or at least we should be.

While you’ve been sheltering in place, Big Oil and corporate polluters have exploited this crisis as an opportunity to move their agenda without public accountability. The Trump administration has already stopped the EPA from enforcing environmental laws and rolled back Obama’s fuel efficiency standards. Big Oil didn’t get just what they wanted, they got more from Trump than they asked for! And now they’re setting their sights on California.

Thankfully Governor Newsom has been a steady yet fast acting governor during this crisis, but he needs to hear from you that it’s critical that California continue its strong environmental leadership and send a strong message that California’s health and environment are not up for grabs.

We can’t let Big Oil and corporate polluters risk public health for their gain.

Please join us in encouraging Newsom to publicly stand strong against the horrific agenda of Big Oil and corporate polluters.

We couldn’t do this work alone. We’re in it together in more ways than one.

Posted on April 13, 2020 in ECOVOTE BLOG.

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