What Gives Me Hope These Days

by Mary Creasman

What Gives Me Hope These Days

I’ve had many conversations lately with friends about finding hope among all the challenges we’re experiencing. It’s not easy in the midst of a pandemic, with wildfires ravaging our state, a seat on the Supreme Court at stake, and the most important election of our lifetime looming.

Here’s what I say to my friends: I find hope in the courageous and powerful leadership of young people at this moment - young people who are changing the game and transforming what is possible. That’s what motivates me right now - what inspires me. There’s a new, phenomenal generation of young people working to take back our political system and our future. It’s our job to put them in as many positions of power as possible.

That’s why the California League of Conservation Voters is the lead organization sponsoring Proposition 18, an initiative that would allow voters who turn 18 by a November General Election to also vote in the Primary Election that same year.

This change will allow first-time voters to participate in the full election cycle and build a lifelong habit of civic participation. Now, more than ever, we need young voices to be heard. We need their leadership on climate change solutions, gun control, student debt, and healthcare. We need them taking back our political system and changing what is possible.

Join our campaign to pass Proposition 18. Follow the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Then spread the word to your friends and followers by posting on social media about why you’re supporting this important initiative (see our social media toolkit here).

We’ve seen how fragile our democracy is in recent months with threats to our voting rights across the country. With this initiative, we have an opportunity to take action and make change that will have a lifelong impact. If you care about our democracy, join us in supporting Proposition 18.

In Solidarity,

Mary Creasman, Chief Executive Officer, California League of Conservation Voters

Posted on October 6, 2020 in ECOVOTE BLOG.

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