Climate is on Your Ballot

Climate is on Your Ballot

This is our chance. We have anticipated the 2020 election since the day after the 2016 election. We knew what was at stake then, and now we’re living with the consequences of failed environmental leadership at all levels. Generations of deadly air pollution. Surge of destructive Wildfires. Rollbacks of health, land, and water protections.

This is what happens when we don’t all vote. This is what happens when the environmental candidates don’t get elected and Big Oil & polluters get their way. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You know this.

You were with us in 2018, where in California we elected a Governor who is now pushing forward bolder climate action, 7 new US Congress Members who replaced environmental obstructionist to secure an environmental House majority, and state & local candidates from across California who represent a new generation of leaders pushing towards an equitable clean energy future!

I’m asking you. No. I’m urging you to stand with us again. VOTE! Tell everyone you know to vote. When you vote, when everyone you know votes, and when we all vote to support environmental candidates, we can push forward on bold climate solutions.

With your support, CLCV has identified the strongest environmental candidates this election. See who our endorsed candidate is for your community. They’ve earned our support and deserve your vote.

After 2016, the most common question we got asked is “what’s the biggest thing we can do for the environment?” The answer: vote for strong environmental candidates from the top to the bottom of your ballot! You have that opportunity right now! You should have received your ballot at home already. We’re encouraging you to vote early and turn it in early. Please read and follow all of the instructions on your ballot to ensure your vote counts!

Let’s be a generation of bold climate solutions. Let’s surge at the polls. Let our votes roll back failed climate leadership.

Thank you for being a climate voter,

Mike Young CLCV Political & Organizing Director

Breaking down the propositions:

YES: Prop 15 – Schools & Communities First: Fixes a long standing corporate loophole that hurts State revenue and encouraged sprawl. If Prop 15 passes we can reverse the loophole, which could help local and state budgets for environmental programs and create better land-use planning.

YES: Prop 16 – Restores Affirmative Action: Affirmative Actions is a tool to begin dismantling structural racism and sexism and gives women and people of color a fair shot. There is no climate justice without racial justice.

YES: Prop 17 – Parolee enfranchisement: Restores voting rights for people on parole: we must strengthen democracy and provide more opportunities for voting.

YES: Prop 18 – Vote for our Future – Allows all 18 year olds eligible to vote in a general election to be included in the primary election that year. Young people are at the forefront of the climate movement and should be fully included in an election cycle.

NO: Prop 20 – Prop 20 would roll back effective criminal justice reforms and waste tens of millions of state budget on prisons. The criminal justice system has been a tool of racial discrimination, which we need to reform to create truly safe communities. Also, prison expansions degrade our environment.

YES: Prop 21 – Rent control: Allows cities to implement more rent control, as needed. From an intersectional justice perspective, gentrification and displacement disproportionally hurts low income people of color, which has been pushing communities to grow out instead of up. This means longer commutes and more carbon emissions. Housing and rent affordability are key in addressing the climate crisis.

NO: Prop 22 – Prop 22 would allow app based an unfair special exemption from California law. From a good governance perspective, billion dollar companies shouldn’t be able to buy their way out of following regulations and protections. Also, Prop 22 would make it easier for them to skirt clean air standards from vehicle emissions of their fleet of drivers.

YES: Prop 25 – End Cash Bail: The cash bail system creates costly incentive options, which either keeps people in jails, mostly unfairly, or puts high financial burden on people to get out until sentencing. Either way, it’s a bad system that doesn’t create safety. From an intersectional justice lens, this system does not fit into our values and vision for California.

In some regions of the State, Local Leagues of Conservation voters made endorsements in Local Races:
San Francisco East Bay Santa Clara
Central Valley
Central Coast
Los Angeles Orange County
Inland Empire
San Diego

Priority Candidates who need volunteer support: We need your help to do get these candidates elected. Click here to sign up to help get out the vote. Candidates in bold need our support the most!




Posted on October 14, 2020 in ECOVOTE BLOG.

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