CLCV Environmental Scorecard Quiz!

by Shaina Hall

CLCV Environmental Scorecard Quiz!

Have you ever seen your legislator’s environmental score, and wondered what it truly meant? What better way to gain insight than by comparing your very own environmental score! On CLCV’s annual scorecard, we gather data on legislator voting history to determine whether your elected officials are environmental champions or climate crisis contributors. Now, you have the opportunity to see where you fall in that grading scale.

Introducing: The Environmental Scorecard Quiz! Based on the actual bills from the 2020 scorecard, immerse yourself in a setting where your vote can change the narrative- because it can! Why should your legislator score a 59% when you scored a 90%? The Environmental Scorecard quiz is an interactive tool you can use to hold legislators accountable and protect our climate future.

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2020 CA Environmental Scorecard

Posted on February 22, 2021 in ECOVOTE BLOG.

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