Taking Action for People & the Planet!

Taking Action for  People & the Planet!

Now is the moment to push our elected officials harder than ever. We are living in the midst of the climate crisis.

In fact, we’re in the middle of many layers of crises, but these are all interconnected issues. The facts are undeniably clear, the driving cause of these environmental disasters is due to our exploitative relationship of nature, along with our exploitation of people. In a world full of selfish intentions, it’s time we back up and look at the bigger picture. One wrong decision today could have catastrophic consequences for the future. Climate change was born out of gradual neglect, but there’s still time to lessen the blow.

The root of selfish intentions usually fall under one thing: money. Ironically, money may be the main thing that puts us on the path toward climate justice. Our dependence on oil and gas grew directly from the industries themselves. With persuasive advertisements romanticizing pollution in the 1990s, there was a deadly delay toward the fight against climate change. Those who benefit the most from it will do anything to stall progress on a healthy, safe, and clean energy future. To put it into perspective, large corporations earned more during the COVID-19 pandemic while everyday people suffered.

Doing what’s right will cost money, but they have the money.

Policy change is absolutely necessary- we need more from our elected officials. We need your help to hold your legislators accountable. There are so many things that need our attention if we are to protect our climate future. We need to restore natural landscapes, have equitable access to nature, and restore ecosystems that buffer communities from natural disasters such as wildfires, flooding, drought, and sinkholes. We need to protect the people from toxic pollution and we need to stop polluting our water. We need to end anti-racist land policies. All in all, we need to remind our legislators that their responsibility is to the people, not to large corporations.

We can make progress, but we can’t get far without your help. Together, we have the power to lead a revolution toward a just climate future.


Posted on April 28, 2021 in ECOVOTE BLOG.

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