CLCV Staff Tips for Living Sustainably

CLCV Staff Tips for Living Sustainably

Summer is here, and now is the time to have fun in the sun! While it’s good to let loose and recharge this summer, we can always do more to act on climate. That’s why we’re sharing our staff’s tips to live sustainably.


  1. Clothing: I try to buy used; and are some great online retailers in addition to your local Goodwill and other used clothing stores like Crossroads. If you buy new – look for natural fibers – cotton, linen, etc. or sustainable brands that will take your clothes back to repair or recycle after being used. I really admire Girlfriend Collective for women’s lounge and sports wear.

  2. Etsy or eBay as an Amazon substitute: Sometimes for a specialized object, like a gift or household item, I’ll search etsy before looking on amazon. Etsy recently committed to carbon neutral shipping.

  3. Bags: Whenever possible, bring your own bags and containers to use in the bulk section at grocery stores.


  1. Cleaning Supplies: I replaced all my cleaning products with vinegar and baking soda. I buy vinegar and baking soda in bulk. It’s less waste, less toxic, and less expensive. I’ll also add lime or lemon wedges after I squeeze the juice out into my food or drink to make the vinegar smell good for cleaning my bathroom or kitchen counter. Here are some tips to get you started.


  1. Balloons: I replaced water balloons with splash balls/cotton water balls. It saves water AND cuts out wasteful single-use plastics and balloons without sacrificing the fun of water play.

  2. Laundry: I use Laundry strips (I like Ecostrips), tabs, or powder detergent from a cardboard box instead of liquid detergent. Another twofer – cuts down plastic waste and water waste--and saves space too.

  3. Shampoo: I create my own powder dry shampoo by mixing cornstarch, an essential oil scent like lavender, and/or cocoa powder. Best part? No aerosol!

  4. Deodorant: Plastic-free deodorant (Hey Humans brand is at Target and works well!)

These are just a few suggestions, but every little change counts. Thank you for standing with us in this movement towards a better future for all.

Posted on June 24, 2021 in ECOVOTE BLOG.

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