POLLING: Climate action is popular among Californians across party lines

POLLING: Climate action is popular among Californians across party lines

The 2020 general election provided our country a unique opportunity to act on climate. With President Biden in office and Democrats holding the majority in Congress, we are in a position to create lasting change for current and future generations.

But how popular is climate action? In California, it’s pretty popular.

In partnership with Change Research, we conducted a statewide poll to assess the attitudes of Californians on the climate crisis.

The poll confirms voters throughout the state are deeply concerned about the climate crisis and want to see the Biden administration take bold action on climate. Some of the additional topics that the poll explores range from wildfire prevention and investments in offshore wind to clean drinking water infrastructure.

For this poll, Change Research surveyed 1218 registered voters in California from June 11-16 through an online survey. Voters surveyed were representative of California’s population and the modeled margin of error for this survey is 3.3%.

Below you can find key findings from the poll, indicating Californians’ support for climate action.

The Urgency of the Climate Crisis

Communities across the state are feeling the impacts of climate change. As a result, Californians are deeply concerned with the climate crisis and want the Biden administration to take bold action.

Wildfire and the Impacts of Climate Change

Wildfire season is here, and voters of all political stripes are concerned about wildfire season in California. This is understandable because wildfire seasons have escalated over the years due to the climate crisis.

Support for Bold Climate Solutions

Our state is known as a global climate leader. Californians are supportive of action to address the climate crisis, including investing in renewable energy alternatives, addressing drinking water infrastructure, investing in heat-resistant communities, and protecting our open spaces and public lands.

We only have until 2030 to prevent major climate catastrophe, but the climate crisis is happening right now as Californians grapple with worsening wildfires, drought conditions, and crumbling infrastructure that can’t keep up with these impacts. Scientists already know the solutions, and Californians know that we cannot afford to keep waiting for the change we need.

The public wants climate action. Now it is up to the Biden administration and our elected officials to make it happen.

Posted on July 27, 2021 in ECOVOTE BLOG.

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