CLCV's Badass in Green Awards

Badass in Green Awards

CLCV’s Badass in Green Awards recognizes the achievements of innovators and leaders in the fight for climate justice and against climate change, and provides a platform for their work to be recognized. We hope you will join us for a night of hope and inspiration. This year, the awards will be virtual, with a premiere webcast on January 30 at 5 pm PST. Be sure to check back regularly for event updates, including presenters, speakers, and event news or sign up below to receive them via email.

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CA Senator Monique LimonCA Senator Monique Limon
CA Senator Fran Pavley (ret.)CA Senator Fran Pavley (ret.)
The Honorable John A. PérezThe Honorable John A. Pérez
CA Speaker Anthony RendonCA Speaker Anthony Rendon
CA Assembly Majority Leader Eloise ReyesCA Assembly Majority Leader Eloise Reyes
CA Senator Nancy SkinnerCA Senator Nancy Skinner


Leah Thomas

Leah Thomas

Leah is an intersectional environmental activist and eco-communicator based in Southern California. She’s passionate about advocating for and exploring the relationship between social justice and environmentalism and identifying the ways in which injustices happening to marginalized communities and the earth are interconnected. You could say Leah’s trying to make the world a little more equal for everyone and a little nicer to our home planet!

Leah remains committed to sparking conversation and mobilizing the environmental community to be anti-racist and not complicit, and encouraging and inspiring all members of our planet to explore new places, live more sustainably and practice radical self-acceptance.

In 2020, Leah launched Intersectional Environmentalist, a platform for resources, information and action steps to support intersectional environmentalism and dismantle systems of oppression in the environmental movement.

Learn more about Intersectional Environmentalist.


Daniela V. Fernandez

Daniela V. Fernandez

Founder and CEO of Sustainable Ocean Alliance, award-winning social entrepreneur, thought leader, and international speaker on the entrepreneurial mindset, ocean innovation, and technology, youth empowerment, and sustainability.

At the age of 19, Daniela founded Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) as a college-room idea at Georgetown University. Six years later, she has built SOA into a global organization that is cultivating and accelerating innovative solutions to protect and sustain the health of the ocean.

How can we cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset in the next generation? What are the leading technologies that can be implemented to help address the challenges facing our environment? How can established companies harness the power of young people? What trends are we seeing in Gen Z and Millennials as consumers, employees, and future business leaders? Daniela is answering these critical questions that will influence the new wave of entrepreneurs and redefine the relationship between emerging technologies, mitigating climate change, restoring ocean health, as well as social good.

Learn more about Sustainable Ocean Alliance.

Alma Hernández

Alma Hernández

Alma Hernández is the Executive Director for SEIU California, an organization dedicated to electing candidates and passing policies that benefit SEIU’s 700,000 members and their families in California. SEIU represents janitors, home care workers, social workers, professors, school workers, health care workers, and city, county, and state workers. It is the largest labor union in the state and has been a powerful political voice in California for working people. Ms. Hernández is the first Latina to occupy the role of Executive Director.

Prior to her appointment as Executive Director, she served the organization as Political Director, building the organization's field capacity, running independent expenditure campaigns, and helping SEIU California lead the state in building the political power of the new California majority: Latino, African American, and API voters.

Learn more about SEIU.

Special Tribute Award in Memory of Pete Price

Pete Price

On September 23rd, 2020, we lost Pete Price. He worked as an environmental lobbyist in Sacramento and helped to pass some of the most influential environmental legislation in California. CLCV was his first client after leaving Speaker Willie Brown’s office to begin his environmental firm and was instrumental in creating Green California — the coalition of environmental, public health and environmental justice groups that develops bold climate policies for legislators — policies that protect our communities and natural resources. Pete played an invaluable role educating legislators, recognized for his level headedness and ability to work across the aisle. He advocated on issues most important to the environmental community, leaving an indelible imprint on California. At the event, CLCV will be saluting Pete’s contributions to our movement and reflecting on his lasting legacy.


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