We need a #ClimateCourageBudget to save California for our kids.

Governor and Lawmakers Have a Choice. Our Kids’ Future is at Stake.

Governor Gavin Newsom and state lawmakers have a clear choice to make in this year’s state budget. They can stand with our kids or corporate polluters and climate delayers profiting off of climate change. The choices they make can either save California or doom our kids to a future plagued by deadly drought, wildfires, and heat waves.

Scientists say California will reach a point of no return at the end of this decade. We need a turning point. Investing our record state budget surplus now in clean energy and transportation, water, and other vital infrastructure will provide a lifeline.

Join our campaign to ensure the Governor and lawmakers stand with our kids and save California! California needs a Climate Courage Budget that invests at least $75 billion over five years. See our budget priorities here.

California’s leaders must think bigger. The governor’s $47.1 billion climate proposal is unprecedented, but it’s only 3% of state spending over 5 years. As budget negotiations come to a close, our leaders must commit at least 5% of the state budget over five years to overcome the massive threats climate change imposes on our health, lives, and livelihoods.

California must invest in climate solutions while we have the resources and time to act. We have a record budget surplus now, the know-how to fight climate change, and a brief window of time to get this right. We need determined leaders to act now with a massive investment to avoid trillions in costs to our economy and burdening our kids with an irreversible climate catastrophe.

We won’t get a second chance. Corporate polluters and their climate delayer allies inside the Capitol are working hard to ensure our leaders squander this chance to save California for our kids. Weak action and delays will ensure today’s climate extremes get more intense, more frequent, and more destructive.