Our 2019 State Priorities

2019 Legislative Achievements

We had lot of success in Sacramento this year, and that's largely thanks to you! The majority of our priority bills moved successfully through the Legislature and were signed into law by the Governor. Together, we were able to hold our elected leaders accountable to reduce air and water pollution, preserve our precious wildlife and outdoor spaces, and take on the influence of Big Oil in our government.

Read through our legislative achievements and learn how you can raise your voice today to urge Sacramento's leadership to take bolder action address our climate crisis.

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Expanding Access to Voting by Lowering the Voting Age

Now, more than ever, we need young voices to be heard in our democracy to make the difference for climate action. One of our solutions to increase civic participation: passing Assembly Constitutional Amendment (ACA) 8, which would lower the voting age to 17 in California. Lowering the voting age to 17-years of old will catch young people at a time when they are still connected to their school, their home, and their community and help them form lifelong habits of voting.

Take action now to expand the right to vote in California to hundreds of thousands of young people.

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Addressing Our Plastic Pollution Crisis

Our plastic pollution crisis has gotten out of hand. The Plastic Pollution Reduction Act (Senate Bill 54 and Assembly Bill 1080) will significantly reduce plastic pollution and ensure California remains a global leader to address this crisis. We're joining forces with our Green California coalition partners to make these bill a priority in the next legislative cycle.

Join our fight to support the Plastic Pollution Reduction Act so that California can take bold action now to reduce single-use plastic consumption.

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Keep Big Oil Accountable

As California moves away from oil production and consumption, it's critical we provide safeguards for local communities impacted financially by this transition. This year, we helped pass Assembly Bill 1057, which ensures California's taxpayers are not on the hook for the oil industry's clean up costs.

Read our statement regarding how this crucial bill impacts the future of California.

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Protecting California’s Deserts and Natural Resources

Senate Bill 307 ensures a comprehensive environmental review of the Cadiz water mining project and protects Joshua Tree National Park and the Mojave Desert from harmful extraction of its resources. We’re grateful for its passage by the legislature and Governor Newsom for signing the bill into law.

Read more about our campaign to ensure California’s natural resources and water supply are protected and to preserve our desert lands, including Mojave Desert, from corporate polluters.

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Ensuring Safe, Clean Drinking Water for All

We championed the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund, which was signed into law by Governor Newsom. Starting in 2020 and for the next ten years, this fund will provide $130 million in funding for cleaning up drinking water systems, mostly in rural areas that lack funding for ongoing operations and maintenance. The work to ensure safe drinking water for all is not done. Corporate polluters need to be part of the solution and we need to ensure implementation happens swiftly and equitably.

Read more about our campaign to make corporate polluters pay their fair share and how we can work together to fight for water as a human right for all Californians.

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Building Democracy. Electing Environmental Champions. Protecting Our Future.

We are California's voice, statewide and nationally, for bold climate action. We elect and cultivate environmental champions, turn election victories into policy wins, hold our lawmakers accountable, and build political power to transform our political system and achieve climate justice.

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