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Share your climate story

Your story matters.
Too often stories of those impacted most by our climate crisis go unheard. CLCV is here to listen and uplift your story. Tell us your personal climate story today.

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End single-use plastic in California

Urge the Legislature to support the Plastic Pollution Reduction Act:
California can become a global leader in drastically reducing the amount of single-use plastic waste with this fix. Urge your legislators to support them today.

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Support CLCV's election reform package

Urge the Legislature to support election reform in California:
These bills will help to expand the electorate and lower barriers to voting in California. Urge your legislators to support them today.

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Bernhardt Watch: Hold the Interior Secretary accountable

Demand Congress hold Interior Secretary David Bernhardt accountable:
Since being confirmed by the Senate, Secretary Bernhardt has been under investigation for a number of ethics scandals. Add your name to urge Congress to hold him accountable today.

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Protect California's environmental laws

Urge the Legislature to support the CA Environmental Defense Act:
Stop the Trump administration's derailment of California environmental laws by urging your legislator to support Senate Bill 1

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Speak up for greater oversight of the Cadiz Water Project

Tell the Legislature: We need more oversight of the Cadiz Water Project.
Cadiz, Inc. plans to pump up to 16.3 billion gallons of water by year on land by the Mojave Trail. Make your voice heard and tell your legislator to protect our natural resources over the corporate interests of Cadiz, Inc.

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Save endangered gray wolves from extinction

Tell Acting Secretary David Bernhardt: Keep the gray wolf on the endangered species list:
The Interior Department's proposal to remove the gray wolf off the endangered species list makes them vulnerable to trophy hunting and extinction. Tell the Interior Department to keep them on the list and prioritze their recovery.

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Fight for California's clean drinking water

Urge the Legislature to support the Safe Drinking Water Act.
Nearly 1 million Californians lack access to safe, clean drinking water. Fortunately, you can take action now to fix this.

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Support the Green New Deal

Urge the Senate: Pass the Green New Deal today:
The Green New Deal resolution has been introduced in Congress. Make your voice heard and urge your member of Congress and Senator to support the Green New Deal.

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Join Our Membership

Renew your membership in 2019:
Sustain our movement by chipping in $35 to help us protect the environment and take on the politics of pollution.

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Stop Oil Drilling

Tell Congress: Protect California from offshore oil drilling!
If Trump succeeds in expanding offshore drilling in California, it’ll be a downright money grab for Big Oil at the expense of endangered species and marine life that would lose their lives and habitat and for the coastal communities across our state that rely on tourism as a means of living.

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Lawmakers listen to their constituents. Phone calls or letters to your representative are two important ways to make your voice heard. A steady stream of feedback to elected and appointed officials have been shown to be very successful in convincing legislators to vote for environmental bills. Your act today can make a big difference tomorrow.

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